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2021 Earth Day Slate Canyon

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Slate Canyon Saturdays, Purge the Spurge

Join the Bean Life Science Museum, along with Conserve Utah Valley, and Provo City in a special earth day project to restore Provo’s beautiful Slate Canyon. On Saturday, April 24th from 9:30 AM until noon the event will include projects such as improving the trailhead and trails, eliminating graffiti, and improving the landscaping. Another project volunteers can help with is removing the cuttings, weeds and overgrowth that have been cut down to trim back the trees and shrubbery. Volunteers can also help paint over and remove paint from concrete as part of the graffiti removal team. Volunteers can also help with the citizen science project by meeting with scientists from BYU and UVU to learn about the different plant and animal species that live in Slate Canyon. They can use phone cameras and the iSeek and iNaturalist apps to document the different insects, birds, animals, and fungi of the canyon. The Bean Museum will also be there with fun education stations for all ages. This project will be launched on April 24th, but will continue through the year 2021. More activities will take place every fourth Saturday of the month in the summer. This effort and day can help the goal in restoring this canyon back to its beauty and glory!

To learn more about the earth day projects, visit this website.