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2023 Night at the Museums Report

5 museums in one brilliant night!

Friday March 10th was a night to remember as thousands descended upon BYU five campus museums in an effort to win a prize. At each museum, patrons solved a clue that directed them to a certain area within the museum where they could earn a sticker: five stickers earned the patron the grand prize of a museum tote bag!

At the Bean Museum, we were tote-ally dedicated to making sure everybody who came through had a good time. The way to the heart is through the stomach, so we came prepared with 1,000 donuts that anyone could have (unfortunately there were more stomachs than we anticipated so the donuts ran out before the night was over but next year will be a different story ;) ). The heart and the mind don’t always agree, but they do communicate, so we did too! We created special curiosity carts and programs where patrons could learn about ducks, whales, or cheetahs, depending on where they went.

Another fun station to visit was our prize table, located by the ocean exhibit where things went swimmingly for the visitors who spun the prize wheel. There was a prize for everyone, whether it was chapstick, a shell, a small animal figure, or something else. Plenty of patrons had their phones out to commemorate the occasion, but for the ones that wanted something a little more professional there was a photo booth set-up complete with props that can only be found at a life science museum. After all, we never said what kind of professional.

If you didn’t get the chance to go this year, there’s always next year. And if you’re hoping to attend something a little sooner, Easter Family Night is right around the corner and open to everybunny!