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2024 Junior Naturalist Report

Scientists in the making!

This year, Junior Naturalist at the Bean Museum taught campers to think like scientists, create collections, and present their research.

Day 1 -

On our first day we covered how to make and record observations. This day also included a visit to the Museum of Paleontology and the Museum of Peoples and Cultures, where we learned how those museums obtain, handle, and present their collections.

Day 2 -

Collection day! Campers were instructed on correct collection practices, then went out into the field to gather specimens! We went to the Provo River Delta and Aspen Grove, and campers collected both plants and insects.

Day 3 -

This day focused on preparing the campers’ collected specimens. We also had tours of the Bean herbarium and insect collection to see how those collections are used.

Day 4 -

On our penultimate day campers continued working on preparing their specimens, and learned key features of plant and insect identification. They were able to identify their collected plants to the species level, and insects to the family level.

Day 5 -

For the final day campers researched specimens in their collection, and created presentations to share their findings. Campers set up their presentation in our Utah’s Diversity exhibit, where family, friends, and museum visitors had an opportunity to learn more about the work the campers had done all week.

Sylvia, museum educator