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Join us on May 7th at Slate Canyon!

Earth Day 2022

The Bean Museum will be partnering with Conserve Utah Valley and Provo City on Saturday, May 7th at Slate Canyon for a special earth day event.

Wildflower Search
We've plugged in parameters for Provo to help you narrow down some species that may be blooming in this area! Look through these images and see what matching plants you can find.

Common Trees of the Pacific Northwest
This key will walk you through some common groups of trees to help you identify the species you may be seeing!

E-Bird Course on birding essentials
This free course provides videos and tips on getting started with bird identification!

Merlin Bird ID App download
This free mobile app can walk you through identifying an unknown species, or be used as a digital field guide to browse birds in your area. It provides access to several images and recordings of calls for each species!

Use this app to take pictures of plants and animals and upload them to a database! Their image identification feature can help give you ideas about what you might be seeing, and other naturalists will look at your pictures to help confirm your identification. When you begin to feel confident in your skills, you can help identify other's observations as well! After enough people confirm a species, scientists can access this information for research.

eBird App
A citizen science app like iNaturalist but specifically for birds, you can log your observations in this app and others can view your observations. You can look for birds that have been sighted recently in your area, search for a specific species, and keep track of your own birding checklists. It can also link with the Merlin Bird ID app to help you with identification! Remember to only report a species if you are confident in your identification of the bird. Practice makes perfect!

Coloring Pages

Check out these links for some Earth Day coloring pages:
Crate and Barrel
Soul Flower
Ideas for what to do with your coloring pages? Check out this link!